12 for 12 February

Here’s my 12 pictures on the 12th of February, which just happened to take place in Disneyland…luckily, because I kind of forgot, but have plenty of pictures to choose from on that day. lol.

1. Pretty poppies!
2. Toy store, gotta love these now!
3. Joanna scarfing her bread bowl. That girl can EAT!
4. Look Ma, no hands!
5. Sadie’s new ears
6. She actually smiled for this pic…
7. Jobo showin’ some leg
8. Goofing around in front of the castle
9. Sadie is radiant! (BTW I beat both Joanna and Rory at Astro Blasters and got more than 500,000 points. Yeah. Don’t act like you’re not impressed)
10. We heart Minnie!
11. Sissies
12. Bath time….apparently Sadie misses her tub back home.

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