Our day…

Our day included:

*a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and Target
*winning 68 tickets at CEC and buying pop rocks with them
*lunch at Arby’s with the Watsons (yumm)
*a race home after that lunch to feed screaming baby
*a nap for Sadie
*er…did I say nap? No nap.
*helping the Watsons move their new couch(and by help I mean Rory did)oh, and it’s new couch week here in Gilroy, didn’t you know?
*a trip to the driving range with Joanna and Janae
*a lot of golf balls hit…some better than others. My farthest was 120 yards, my closest was….5. haha
*Sadie urping a bit
*watching Monk with Janae
*cuddling with Sadie (see pics)
*dinner at our house with the kiddos (my parent had their Phantom show tonight!)
*playing a bunch of Mario Kart with the kiddos and having some hot chocolate! yum!

Sadie loves her daddy! (yes, he is wearing a button up shirt! hot stuff!)


Me: I want to cuddle too!
Sadie: nope mom get outta here, just me and daddy.


  1. Oh the joy’s of moving couches! Ask Darren and Nick about moving a heavy leather sectional to the 3rd floor of our house!

  2. Wow…busy day! Cute pics!

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