Sadie’s new toys

1. Rocking horse that, when you squeeze the ear, shakes its head and tail and makes horsey noises. (not sure if that scares her, yet)

Horsey noises by Joanna are extra.

2. Jumper/Bouncer. Sadie loves this thing like a nerd loves his computer. Nuf’ said.

Here’s to a new year of growing and playing!

(We’ll let you know how it goes with the horse.)


  1. I love the horse!! Maybe Jarom and I should get one for our future baby and then our babies can ride together! sound good? I think so!! :) he he

  2. How fun! I want to get Ella one of those jumping toys, too. Her legs are always going anyway, so might as well, right? 😉

  3. Whoever is holding Sadie up kinda blends into the horse, and then you see a giant hand across her little body and that looks weird. hehe.

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