Man, it’s tiring to quilt a quilt on a machine. Pushing all that fabric through over and over again. It’s a work out! It’s done though…so yay. (the quilting part)


Now I have to sew the binding on, by hand, thank you very much. I’ve never done that, so I had to look it up online…here is the tutorial I found that helped the most. It has pretty pictures and step by step instructions. Which my instruction-handicapped brain really needs. Oh, the pattern I used is from this book, which I got for Christmas. Thanks hun!

So, I’ve done almost the equivalent of one side of the quilt while watching the second half the Biggest Loser. Not too bad! Please, don’t do what I did and start the binding on the back. grr.


  1. So cute! You are a brave woman to do a quilt. That sounds like a huge project!! Sadie is going to love, love, love it

  2. Very fun, your sewing machine looks like it can do lot’s of cool things:) Sadie is growing so fast!!!

  3. I’m so totally impressed! You are doing such a good job….don’t be surprised if I randomly show up at your house begging you to help me with all my unfiished quilting projects!

  4. Gotta love Biggest Loser! Couldn’t believe how much weight Dan lost! Stupid David ruined his chances though!

  5. Cute Quilt!!! you’re a WAY better crafter than i am! I’m going to be afraid to go have craft time with you because you’ll always show me up! He he just kidding! Maybe you can teach me some cute things and help me make my house cute and be a cute wife like you! :) haha Good job though, i hear quilting is tough! I’ve never done it = You’re a better crafter! haha

  6. Jessica, you are the woman. One day you say “I’m going to make a quilt” and the next day you are half way done with it. Amazing simply amazing!

  7. That is so awesome! Great work!!

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