Practice makes pants

Today Sadie took a LOONG afternoon nap (thank the heavens!) so, in a random fit of sewing I decided to try this tutorial for baby “yoga” pants you make from old tshirts! (obviously she’s not actually going to do yoga in them, although that would be awesome) Cool, no? So I thought. It actually was very easy-only took me about one maybe one and a half-ish Friends episodes. (which is how I tell time BTW, very technical) The problem was the pattern. It’s kind of…freehand. I don’t do…freehand. So, here’s my finished product…

Not so bad folded, huh? Look below…

Yes, my baby now has EXTREME low riders. haha. I only wish I hadn’t wasted that cute vintage trim on this pair. I should have known better. I should not have been so cocky/confident. lol. So…next up…a pair of pants that have ROOM for Sadie’s big ol’ diaper booty!

Wish me luck.


  1. So cute! You’re always so crafty and creative…you put me to shame. 😉

  2. JESSICA! ahhhhhh! hahaha yes i was laughing my pants off! ; ) so guess who actually blogged?

  3. I can’t wait to see the next pair! Love the ribbon, I think I might be tempted to cut it off and reuse it:0)

  4. Haha…this is so me! Elle needs a little extra room in her pants too for the diaper :-)

  5. You could always add a fold over waistline To give you some height up top? In case I didn’t make any sense (I rarely do lol):

  6. its very cute and sweet :-)

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