Master Bedroom

Welp, it’s not done…far from it, but since I got a new duvet cover I figured I should put something behind the bed.

Headboard=too expensive.

So I gathered my small collection of birdie pictures and hung em up!

Hope you like!


I got the print at the top right from Goodwill for $1, and then painted the frame black. The bottom right was on sale at Target for $6. The large frame I already had, so $0! I printed the bird (clip art) from this website which I looove! I made the green “mat” out of scrapbook paper. I am ALL about the cheap. So, birdie collage total of $7 plus some spray paint and cardstock.


The other side of the room…not so cute yet. I want to paint that mirror white and well, the lighting has something to be desired, but all in due time!

Not to mention the closet doors. I know, honey. You have a lot to do. No prob. It makes getting dressed in the morning that much faster. 😉

Sadie likes it too!

Rory’s opinion is that people are going to think we’re “bird watchers or something”. lol


  1. The bedding looks so cute! I love the pillows you added.

  2. Looks fun, you need to come decorate my house. Guess what?? I don’t have closet doors in any of our rooms either. It makes it hard to hide messes!! Oh well, one day!

  3. You are so good at decorating on a budget!!!! I do like the mirror I was thinking black but white is nice and clean looking;)

  4. OK, LOVE the bed! SO cute! AND Sadie looks SO big!!! and oh my gosh SO SO cute!!! I love that picture of her! I’m proud to be her future aunt! :) YAY!!!

  5. Your bird art reminds me of Grandma Jean and her bird room. It is a nostalgic memory!! Props!!

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