12 x 12

I found this cool idea on a blog somewhere!

You take 12 pictures on the twelfth of every month, for 12 months.

Then you have kind of a day in the month of a year type representation of your life. Anyways, I wanted to try it. Here’s my January 12th.

L-R: 1. Morning light in our kitchen.
2. Baby hanging with mommy while she lazes a bit.
3. Laundry day! Exciting, no?
4. Lunch. Tried to make an omelet. Failed. Made a “scramble” instead. It was yummy!
5. Baby v.s. sippy cup. Who will win?
6. What a gorgeous day!
7. Our tunes in the car today.
8. Baby was a bit crabby, cuddling with momma.
9. Hmm…is this what Sadie will look like with hair? (Janae’s hair, BTW)
10. Daddy’s home! Time for his hug.
11. Mail…I love getting my magazines, and two in one day!
12. Daddy always has to rile her up before bedtime. Oh well, isn’t that what Dads are for?

P.S. Rory is working on getting the Barbie movie uploaded. (for those of you who care or are extremely bored)


  1. Great idea! Your pic’s are awesome too. Love that eggs can be scrambled and they look yummy:)

  2. I love Sadie with hair!

  3. Love the collage and the fun idea! Can’t wait to see your posts every month!

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