Sadie here. I learned how to eat my foot today. Actually, Mommy shoved it in my face for a photo op. Oh well, I forgive her. She feeds me and changes me and plays with me all day long. We all know that’s a lot of work. At least my foot was clean. Aren’t I cute?


  1. Cute baby toes!

    I think you should post your recipe for Peppermint bark. I’ve been really wanting to make that lately.

    Also, I want to come visit you. We come back from our trip Dec. 30th. Since we don’t have a car we’ll be renting one for our trip, but it doesn’t have to back til DEc. 31st at 7pm…so maybe after I take my hubby to work that morning I can come down to see you for a few hours? What do you think?

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