the new kid on the block

Tada! Our new couch arrived this morning via the Rory and Chris Express. Yay! It looks perfect! I love it. It’s a tad smaller than our old couch, but it gives us more space behind the couch (which, let’s face it, is really where we needed it….ha.) Nonetheless…looks good don’t it?

Where the old couch was banished…I mean moved to. The sun room! aka Sadie’s new hang out spot. We actually might hang out there more now that there’s somewhere to sit!


  1. It sure is more you. Can’t wait to come over and see it. Hey you’re on our school blog again!


  2. Ahhh, it is so beautimus! You are brave to have a light colored couch. Just wait until Sadie starts to color…LOL muhahahaha

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