the great sofa search

We were on the hunt today. For a couch. We took off this morning, Aunt Nae Nae in tow, to San Jose for the great sofa search. Alright, we went to two stores. Anyways, the first store had one we liked but enormous shipping prices. The second place was Ikea. Ahhh, I love Ikea. The land of cheap housewares. Who doesn’t love that store? We ruled out their couches pretty quickly (too short), but still had fun shopping around. I got some lovely white planters, picture frames (which I have already turned into a project, will post pics tomorrow perhaps), curtains, a cute pillow cover, a large plant for the living room, and some christmas tree ornaments at 50% off. Sah-weet! Janae picked up a few tiny plants for her room. I named one of them Fern Gully for her. It is, however, an ivy plant. muwhahaha. Rory was starting to get that glazed over look in his eyes so we left before anything drastic happened. Later on in the evening we headed to “just look” at a sofa option we had seen last Saturday at a store in town. We ended up buying said option. I’m very excited to get it tomorrow, it’s much more my style than our present couch. (which was much appreciated for the four years we used it, thanks Jeff and Nora!) Jarom and Steph are inheiriting (sp?) that one. It’s comfy. RIP couch. lol.

The couch the day we moved in.

Good bye couch. Rory will miss you. Me, not so much.


  1. Very exciting for you!!! I kinda like that comfy couch, glad it has a good home to go to:) I can’t wait to see all of your finds in their chosen spots soon:)

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