So, after multiple shopping trips where I’ve forgotten items or had to criss cross the store more than a few times to retrieve those items…I had enough of my dumb little handwritten messy lists. So I found these:
Awesome right? Click on the link to see the close up of all the handy things on the list. Simply check them off! I can handle that.

And then….
hehe! I totally want to buy these! Except no one babysits Sadie besides family, so far. lol. Anyways, they’re good for a laugh.


  1. I totally need these! I’m SUCH a list person. It’s not even funny. I live my my day planner. Everything is listed some how. I think these could be very handy! The don’t kill the kids thing is funny. I always joke that I’ll need a little book that coaches me what to do in an emergency when I have kids. In case of household fire: gather purse and diaper bag. Put on shoes. take baby with you when you leave house. I’m such a mess.
    PS-come christmas shopping in the city one day soon! It would be SUPER fun!!!

  2. These are HOOT!!!

  3. I saw one of the grocery type of lists on my branch president’s fridge. Pretty awesome. They should make one for fathers to give to their little girl’s prospective boyfriend! :)

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