Three months old!

My bebe is getting so big! I was just looking at pictures and video we took of her when she was newborn, and it’s so fun to see the changes! I can’t believe it’s been three months already…time really does fly…sooo fast. She loves her Where’s my baby? song, and still likes the changing table, although not at first usually. She loves her hands, and slobbers all over them all the time. She has started trying to reach out for toys and objects, although she hasn’t really figured out how to grab them. She is way better at tummy time and loves her toys, especially Tabby. She has rolled over from her tummy to back a few times, but I think it surprised her as much as me! hehe. She recognizes Mommy and Daddy, and a few other people, and gives big ‘ol smiles when she’s happy. I love her little laugh, she’s laughing or giggling every day now, and she loves being tickled. She loves the little park we live nearby! (where the picture was taken, on my phone, so not as good as my camera) She kicked her legs and squealed and giggled for a good solid hour there today! I just hope I can take her a few more times before it gets wet and cold! There’s so much more I could say about my little Sadester, but it might bore some of you. hehe. She did much better today with her naps, thank goodness. Rory and I actually went out to dinner without her tonight! I felt about 12 lbs 3 oz lighter. weird. Janae kindly watched her for the hour we were gone. Next week we may try a movie too! For my birthday….of course we’re seeing Twilight though. (Janae, Jo, Cassy, and I that is, not Rory) It was delish, we went to Black Bear Diner, yum! Now we’re going to play Settlers of Catan with Nae Nae and eat some cookies I made…hope they’re good!

P.S. They are REALLY good. and way easy…recipe to follow.


  1. That picture is the CUTEST!!! She has always been the happiest baby! And I’m jealous that she’s laughing! Ella has yet to share a giggle with us… Yay for date night! We went out tonight, too!

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