Red Velvet Cake Balls

So….baby’s up early, so I’m up early. FUn stuff. I made these Red Velvet cake balls yesterday. I got the recipe here, on this awesomely cute blog. and oh YUM. They are like little drops of yumminess. Just don’t eat them before you cover them with chocolate. (you’ll make yourself sick like I did) Much better with chocolate. Isn’t everything?

Go ahead, wipe the drool off your chin.

Oh, and go VOTE!


  1. Those look SO yummy! I think I deserve them because I voted today!

  2. Heck yes I voted! Had to vote provisional though, stupid Merced County didn’t change my address even though I a) sent a form in the mail and b) called to confirm it got changed.

  3. Ok, WHAT ARE THOSE!? Please dont tell me that’s cherry filling, I might pass out.

  4. Super yum…cake balls & chocolate. You find the best blogs and stuff. Send me some…yum

  5. Weren’t they so good? I ate 4 for dinner one night!

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