Crazy baker on the loose!

Sooo….I can’t stop making sugary chocolaty things. I’m sure, that sounds like a HUGE problem, right? haha. Well, it is. I love eating them…too much. Not so good for my girlish figure. hah hah. Anyways…it all started with the red velvet cake balls…

Then some peanut butter cups…which were not worth it by the way…just buy Reese’s.

Then these chocolaty peanut butter cookies…

And today it was these truffles! They were (are) delicious! If you want any, come by. Seriously.

ALso, if you know a cure for this chocolaty disease let me know…lol.


  1. You’re always making the yummiest looking things! Too bad we don’t live closer…I would be at your house everyday! 😉

  2. Oh my the cake balls are divine. I call them cake truffels because I got made fun of for the “balls” part =)

  3. My cure is when I notice that I’ve gained a few pounds. Then it’s all about the fruit and veggies! hehe.

  4. Sheesh…you are making me HUNGRY! Looks good. I can’t believe Sadie is 3 mths old. She is so stinkin’ cute. I wish I could sic my camera on her.

  5. oh my…the red velvet cake balls look extremely good….
    I haven’t checked your blog for like ever, so i’m just looking at all your adventures now!

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