Warning: picture-heavy long post ahead.

You’ve been warned! So, today after we got home from church, Rory and Sadie took a nap out on the couch for like, almost 3 hours! wow! I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. hehe, I said ALMOST. I sewed up this cute trick or treat bag for Sadie, and then looked around for something else to do.

I have been organizing and decorating my craft room, so I decided to work on that a bit more. It’s not done yet, but here are some pictures of my awesome craft room!

The view from the door, yes that’s Sadie by my desk after she woke up. I loove having a sliding door, it lets in great light and a nice breeze when it’s warm!

Corner of my desk. Love this calendar, it has great quotes from famous women each month!

the sewing corner! I want to put shelves for my fabric on the wall next to my cabinet. This week, Rory says….

Another view of the corner…

bits for baby central! I keep all my shipping supplies, etc here. This is my cool $20 dresser from Goodwill, and a $4 bulletin board gussied up with some lime green spray paint. I loove changing the look of things with just a coat of paint! (and here are some of my J’s!)

Some more of my J’s…I love them!

a pull back view of my desk

my computer and some art and pics on the wall.

It was too quiet out there after I finished taking the pictures, so I investigated. This is what I found! How cute! Like father, like daughter. Their arms are even stretched out the same way! Awwww…

So that’s what we did on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. What did you do?


  1. What a cute Halloween bag and I am so jealous of your craft room! I love how you’ve decorated it–all the little details. My scrap stuff is shoved in the corner of my daughter’s room and if I want to scrap, I have to drag it all out to the kitchen…probably why I never scrap anymore. Anyway, consider yourself lucky! :)

  2. SO fun! Hey! Rayne took a 3 hour nap today too, but so did Chris and I. It was much needed after Yesterday’s events. Thanks again!

  3. Love it! Sunday nap’s are the best:)

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so so so so cute! supermodel sadie!

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