Renaissance Faire

Today my family and Sadie and I went to the Renaissance Faire! (Rory was helping our friends move in San Jose, not that he really would have wanted to come….haha) It was the first time for me in a few years, we used to go all the time when I was younger. I even dressed up once! Julia and Josh did this time too, they were so cute! We go to see the Queen, watch a jousting tournament, eat some yummy gyros and strawberry ice cream, window shop, play with Sadie, admire pretty costumes, and take in a funny show by a guy called Moonie. It was a beautiful day as well, nice and sunny with a breeze. The perfect October day!

Ready for a day of walking, eating, and watching strange people do crazy things? Sure!

We decided to start the day off with some TURTLE racing!

Off they go! Sort of.

Janae’s turtle won! It’s name was Freckle Face. Must have been fate!

Me and the bebe. She did very well considering we were there for a good chunk of the day. She loved her carrier, and napped in it like a pro!

Janae got this mondo cucumber size pickle. Yick. Wait, are pickles made from cucumbers?

Is this not the cutest face?

Jousting! With Lances! How rude. We were offended.

Aww happy girl!

Joshie’s highlight was riding a huge tortoise. It was soo funny!

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