My bebe is two months old! Gasp.

Well, we have officially made it to two months! It’s so much fun to see how she is changing and growing, although already sad to see her grow out of the newborn stage. (it goes so fast!) She already has a little personality, and is a lot like her Daddy. (stubborn, redheaded, and loud when she’s hungry to name a few) lol. She is wriggly and loves to hear me sing. (I’m not sure why…) When she’s in a good mood she’ll give you tons of smiles! She still loves her changing table, although not so much the car seat anymore. And…lucky me, she sleeps 8-9 hours at night! I know! I hope she keeps it up. Crossing my fingers…She also loves to suck on her fingers, pacifier, or anything else in sight. Including Mommy or Daddy’s shoulder, finger, neck. Whatever is in reach! hehe. She likes to watch the ceiling fan in the living room, and looks so confused when it’s off. She loves taking walks in her stroller, and her carrier, and LOVES looking at the trees and sky when we’re outside. It’s so cute! In short, we love our little girl!

This picture just goes to show how much she likes to
move. Blurrry.


  1. She is so cute. I’m so jealous that she sleeps that much at night. At two months Ezra would wake up at 2a.m. thinking it was play time. Only 9 more days until we will see you guys. We can’t wait. I’ve been showing pictures of family to Ezra and your family pictures are the only ones he reaches for. It’s really cute.

  2. 2 Months! Wow! It does go by fast! Rayne used to love the ceiling fast too. Sadly now she is not so easily amused. Sadie is too cute!

  3. Geez she’s so cute! I want to pinch her cheeks!

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