I Heart Photo Booths

They’re so fun and I feel like a little kid again whenever I find one and take pictures! Cassy and I went shopping today with the kiddies, and had a blast. We didn’t find much for ourselves, but Sadie got some cute clothes, including a dress from Old Navy for $3! I heart clearance. lol. We then stumbled across this photo booth…Of course, we HAD to take some cheesy pics. Also, we had to hold up the girls for their first ever photo shoot together. It took us three shots to get Rayne to kiss Sadie’s cheek at the right moment. So sweet!

P.S. I look crazy in the first two pictures. 😛


  1. How fun! You are so cute. Looks like Auntie Nay-nay is enjoying Sadie! Poor Sadie’s finger…I think most moms have snipped a fingertip at one time or another. It is pretty traumatic!!

  2. That was so fun! Having fun with color, are we?

  3. What a fun time you cutie girls had!!! Cute post too:) Oh and the Sushi looked so good!

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