FBF: Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Lance kids
(ages ago!)

Justin as a jogger (spiffy!), Jessica as a fairy (notice my awesome aluminum foil wand! Made of a fly swatter. Swanky.), Joanna as a piggy (with a cute piggy nose), and Jarom as Superman (my hero!)

My mom always worked sweatpants/sweatshirts into our costumes. It was a rule. So we wouldn’t freeze. Thanks for looking out for us Mom!


  1. You guys were so cute! Love the hair, Jess! hehe.

  2. How cute! I love old school pictures like this! Our costumes usually featured sweat pants as well. Heheh. 😉

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween…can’t wait to see Sadie in her costume. I’m sure she looks adorable!

  3. I’ll use a different adjective – how adorable! Although cute was really the word that came to mind. There be the Lance kids! :)

    My mom loves following your blog (and I do as well) to see how you all have grown.

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