FB Friday: Our old apartment

When we lived in Utah, two of the three years were spent in this cozy little basement apartment. And when I mean cozy I mean tiny. lol. It was perfect for us and we loved the location, it was right near UVSC, and all the craft stores in Orem were within a few miles. (Score!) We had a lot of good memories in this apartment! A lot of good times with friends, and a few times when family made it there too!

comfy huge couch. You do NOT want to know how we got it in there. haha

Our one and only closet. We had
a sweet TV though, so don’t pity us too much.

Our bathroom, pretty big actually. Our landlady let us
paint before we moved in.

corner of the cave.

Our kitchen.
Now, if anyone else has had a kitchen more awkward or smaller, let me know. Cause I think this one wins smallest kitchen.

And, our bedroom. Yes, we had a
rock wall. We are just THAT cool. Also, barely enough room across for a bed, but somehow we fit a bed, dresser, side table, desk, and chair. It was a bit cramped. hehe


  1. Hahaha thats really awesome!!! I laughed OUT LOUD when i saw your kitchen!!! you made it cute though, nice and homey! :) Its funny see hat because i’m sure that Jarom and I will live in somewhere very similar… TOTALLY GLAM!!! :)

  2. Question: where was your fridge!

    -Jaime, (babys got blue eyes from sb.com)

  3. hahahaha i member this! having to do dishes! haha and make you an aniversary dinner! in that lil kitchen !!

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