Bread, cinnamon rolls, and crescent rolls, oh my!

MMMmmmm. I love bread. Who doesn’t? I wanted to learn how to make a mean loaf, so I turned to the bread expert ’round these parts-my Grandma Lance. She had a new recipe for bread that’s ready in about an hour! Some kind of kryptonite enhanced yeast or something. haha. Anyways, Sadie and I meandered over there today…(what am I saying, we sped. I love bread!)…and learned how to make this recipe. Sure enough, it was done pretty quick, and I learned how to make Rory happier. (if he could live on bread, he would. He did when he was little apparently) These pictures are designed to make your mouths water and taste buds perk up. Cause, believe you me, it was YUMM. Thanks Grandma!

Crescent rolls, nice and golden brown crust!

Cinnamon rolls…even better with some icing later on!

The beautiful loaves. MMMmm.

Grandma taking a minute to play with the Sadester. She loved their ceiling fan too. What is it with babies and fans?

P.S. I know you all want the recipe, but (oopS) we forgot to copy it while I was there so as soon as I get it, I will post it!


  1. I want that bread receipe!!! I want to make beautiful bread like you!!!!!

  2. We are totally making that next time we hang out. No more of this waiting an hour just so the dough will rise! P.S. Sadie looks huge in your Grandma’s arms!

  3. Can I have the recipe? It looks so good and I can make it in the amount of time Ezra naps.

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