Phew today has been a little hectic. This morning I was trying to get some cleaning done while Sadie was sleeping. I actually got all the floors swept at least, just not mopped. A load in the dishwasher too! Then, threw some laundry in the washer and fed her…we then went to the post office and grocery store, where she promptly threw up all over herself, which leaked through her car seat and down the side of the diaper bag, and the cart itself. Oops! Then we got home, I put the groceries away and made myself some lunch which I ate very quickly cause SOMEONE was fussy. I’m not naming names though. haha. Fed her again, and decided to watch a movie. Put on The Queen (which is pretty good so far), and she napped a little bit, until she started whining, changed her diaper and decided to switch the laundry and fold it, she started crying when I was almost done….I was singing to her….didn’t work. I knew she wasn’t hungry since she had just eaten…I finished up, and lo and behold….she had fallen asleep! Her first time crying herself to sleep. Usually she works herself up so much that there’s no way she’s falling asleep. I thought about mopping the floors, but then gave up and decided to eat the rest of my bag of chocolate raisins while blogging. Much better choice.

Good thing she’s cute like this sometimes!


  1. She just is on a mission, isn’t she? Yummy chocolate raisins!! My favorite! Hope the throw-up wasn’t too big of a dry heave for ya.

  2. You are such a good mommy and wife! Thank goodness for wipes:)

  3. Sounds like she’s keeping you busy! 😉 She’s such a cutie!!

  4. what a cute picture!

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