I think I’m getting the hang of this mom thing…

Slowly but surely I am starting to feel like a mom. She’s a lot of work, but worth it…so far. hehe. We’ll see what I say when she’s a teenager. Luckily that is a looong time away. I can’t believe she’s almost a month old! Time does fly so fast. She’s already out of that newborn stage when they’re all tiny and super fragile. She’s very alert when she’s awake, and holds her head up almost by herself now. Of course she likes to babble. She likes to let us know (loudly) when her diaper is wet, but doesn’t seem to mind when it’s…well, the other one. lol. She likes Primary songs, particularly Love One Another, and she likes Fur Elise. That’s my Beethoven fan! hehe. She likes taking walks and car rides, just not right after she eats. She doesn’t mind being changed, thank goodness, and isn’t a huge fan of baths, but I love how yummy she smells afterwards. She loves her Daddy, (of course) and even wore a onesie proudly proclaiming that today…until she pooped on it. hehe. I’m sure it’s nothing personal, Rory. I’m loving being a mom! (ask me that again at about 2:30 in the morning, though, and I may have a different answer)

Ignore the frazzled hair and circles under my eyes. lol.


  1. Look at you two…so cute together! I’m glad that things are going well and I can’t believe she’s almost one month old!

  2. I think she likes being your baby too. She sure looks comfy all snuggled up on you.

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