This is just a quick post with a funny pic from the other night. It was pretty warm, and poor Sadie was not happy. Finally she settled down in her onesie on a blanket on the floor, spread eagled. She loves sleeping like this and won’t let us swaddle her anymore. Hey-whatever gets me some sleep!


  1. What a cute baby!!! She is getting so big!

  2. hilarious pic! Love it! hey can you blame her? She’s been scrunched up inside you for so long!

  3. She looks so relaxed. Aww..if only it were that easy as an adult. hehe. So cute!

  4. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! :)

  5. that is the cutest picture i’ve ever seen!

  6. She looks like she is dreaming of making snow angels for christmas:)

  7. Ha ha that’s so cute!!! she’s just too cute! I can’t wait til she’s my niece too! How cool!!! And we’ll live super close so i can come see her everyday and we can do fun stuff together!!! I’m so excited!!

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