We’ve survived…so far.

Ms. Grumps

It’s so good to be home! We had to stay in the hospital for two days because they wanted to keep an eye on my anemia/bleeding, which kinda stunk! We wanted to leave bad cause it’s

a. boring
b. the beds are uncomfortable
c. people come in and out of your room all day long!

It was nice because we got a lot of helpful advice from our nurses, but we were glad to leave. The only bad thing is that we were in such a rush apparently, that I left my cell phone on the bed, and it was never seen again. Even after calling around and getting people to check everywhere for us. So…if you have texted or called me in the past 2 days…I’m sorry I didn’t answer! I do have a new phone now, so if you have my number…please text or call me with it so I can gather my phone book again. Bummer eh? At least it’s a pretty phone… lol.

UPDATE: Luckily, some good samaritan found my phone and tracked down Rory! He lives in Gilroy and Rory was able to go pick it up this afternoon. So yay! There ARE nice people in this world. Also luckily I was due for a renewal of my contract and therefore already planning on buying a new phone…so it wasn’t a waste of money. phew!
We are adjusting to having a baby…and it is an adjustment! She’s a good baby though, and we’ve enjoyed it a lot. Rory sometimes will just hold her and say “you’re so cute, how’d you get so cute?” It’s adorable! She sleeps pretty well at night as long as she has a full belly and clean diaper! Who wouldn’t? Nursing has been going better now than in the hospital. It has been interesting to say the least, but also great! Here are some pics from the hospital, and from home!

Sadie with her aunties

Proud new grandparents!

Sadie with her Uncle Bum.


  1. Cute pictures…the only problem I have is it’s not enough! she’s so cute! I want to see more! Glad to know that everything is going well and that you still like her. Hope you are feeling better. I’ll text you soon so you can have my number. Later!

  2. I’m happy to hear that you guys are adjusting well! And that someone was nice enough to return your phone! That never happens…

    I know what you mean about staying at the hospital! I always get out of there as soon as they’ll let me! I rest so much better at home anyway.

    I agree with Lindsey, we need more pictures!! (when you get a second, that is… 😉 )

  3. she’s so beautiful! can’t wait to see more pics (when you can squeeze that in)

  4. Horray! You are home! I am so glad she is a pretty good sleeper. Hopefully, you are able to get some rest. With all your family so close that should be easy. Good luck with nursing! Do you still want a hooter hider? I’ll make you one!

    She is a cutie…

  5. Yea! You found your phone. Sadie is so cute, but she does not look very happy in that picture. Oh well, we all have our days. Can’t wait to come see her again!! (and you too.) hehe.

  6. jess, she’s such a doll! How fun! And how are you holding up? good I hope, and I hope she stays a good sleeper! I’ll text you with my number so you can have it…more pictures please!

  7. Oh how sweet, I love that she is such a good baby and that all her extended family is so in love with her already!!! As it should be:) I hope that you are resting well:)

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