New chair and finished projects

Well…I feel like a broken record. No baby….STILL. It’s mildly frustrating. Wait, it’s EXTREMELY frustrating and I feel like crying every time I think about it. haha. Not. Really, it stinks just waiting around when you don’t feel like doing anything. Very boring. So last night for our anniversary we headed up to San Jose to get…a glider for the nursery!

yay! It’s super comfortable and we like it a lot. By we I mean Rory hogged it for a long time. Ally too…hmm, I’m being bumped from my own chair…I have a feeling he wants to put it in the living room instead. ha! yeah right hun.

We also stopped by Olive Garden for dinner..yum. You know those little Andes mints they give you after the meal? Well, I suggested to Rory that if our waiter wanted a good tip he should bring us 3 mints, 1 for Rory, and 2 for me. (you know, one for the baby) He totally did! I was like…give that guy a good tip hon! hehe. It was so funny!

Hey, what’s this? Oh finished closet doors? COOL! Only in the baby’s room though. The most important room of course.

And what’s this? Some paper butterfly art I’ve been meaning to finish for weeks? Hey, at least it’s finished. One perk of her being late…

We also celebrated our anniversary by almost not getting our microwave (AGAIN) no joke, luckily they delivered it, in about 2 minutes total cause they were in a rush. Rory installed it and I helped a little. It looks good, eh? It was nice to heat up our leftovers today in there. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.


  1. So now she can comne cause really everything’s ready, right? Chris and I were both getting anxious yesterday. She’s is gonna be on a serious time-out when she finally gets here! hehe.

  2. Ah, well now the nursery complete! :) Love that butterfly art and I’m glad your microwave finally came! So, are you scheduled to be induced if baby doesn’t get here soon?

  3. okay, cool. cute. so cute, and funny. Those are my reactions to the things you write about…LOVE the butterfly art, and the glider, and what a blessing to return to the 21st century with your very own microwave! Saweet! Well,I think about your little bundle arriving all day, and I’m glad you keep posting so I know she still isn’t here…way to make use of your time though…all so fun!

  4. I love Baby girl’s nursery it is so very adorable!! The slider is so perfect! A place to rest those toes:) Your kitchen looks absolutely wonderful!! Good job guy’s and great design work Jess:)

  5. Okay, so I’m wondering if the reason you haven’t posted anything new today is because you’re busy having that baby girl…

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