My brother is engaged!

Wow it’s strange to say that! But so awesome as well. Yesterday Jarom got engaged to Stephanie Mitchell! They met in a really cool way…Stephanie’s sister Courtenay, is married to our cousin John. She came out for a visit in May I think (?) and double dog dared Jarom to email her sister Stephanie…I remember being there actually. (Jarom was blushing..he thought you were way cute Steph) Anyways, Jarom did, and they started chatting and the rest is history, I suppose. They should tell the story cause I don’t know all the details. (I do know SOME though…Jarom likes to share hehe) He has been so excited, showing off the ring and telling us his plans for the past two weeks. So anyways…CONGRATS guys, I can’t wait to have you in the family Steph!

Awww! Don’t they look glowing with happiness?!

Jarom had her brother take pictures from some bushes. haha. Thanks for the pics Stephanie, I borrowed them. :-)


  1. OK ay I have to admit, i believe I am a freaking genius! Thank you thank you, the blissful couple will be together forever becasue of yours truly! This all couldn’t have been more perfect in my plan, I am amazing no? Well, I guess those two kids had something to do with it…I suppose! J/K!!! I’m so excited for them, what a pair! So adorable, and how much do we LOVE those pics?!?!? My parents adore Jarom and are impressed with him, and how he treats and loves my little sis. I get teary eyed just thinkin about it! What a blessing! YEAH for happiness and being in LOVE!!!
    PS…I didn’t get a chance to comment about you kitty…so sorry for your loss,I know you adores Ally, even enough to scrapbook about her…and that’s true love! did you ever see the Office episode where they have a funeral for the bird that ran into the window? CLassic.

  2. Congrats to your brother! :) How exciting!

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