Due to popular demand…

…more pictures of our bebe!! (yeah like you had to twist my arm to take some.)

I don’t care! IT’S NOT GAS. She’s smiling cause she’s happy. Honestly she loves her changing table. It’s quite cute.

After her first sponge bath. She didn’t like it much but got over it quickly!

Awww! A cute new outfit. The “shorts” were more like pants. Thanks to cousin Jenni for the headband! 😀

This is her Zoolander face. I’m so proud!


  1. She is honest to blog the cutest little thing ever! I love her zoolander face pic. She’s adorable!

  2. SHe is drowning in those clothes! Tell her to fatten up already! hehe. Love baby pictures and you probably have 100 more already! SO cute!!

  3. She is so dang cute! I love her cute little clothes and I’m so in love with little babies wearing headbands! Cuteness!!!

  4. Hehehe. I love her Zoolander face! And her sweet smile is the cutest ever! Love her headband, too! :)

  5. She is just adorable!!!! Sadie Smiles sounds like a movie in the making:) I am so glad that you are enjoying every minute with her!!!!

  6. love her cute cute cheeks! She is so beautiful! Keep the photos coming! Hope you’re holding up well, love ya!

  7. So so beautiful jess! I can’t wait to meet her!!! I had a dream that i did go to meet her and i guess to see Jarom….that part wasn’t in the dream! haha JK i wish it was real, not a dream!

  8. She is so beautiful, congratulations you guys! We love you!

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