Swei Jows

Sooo…Sunday I said I would tell you about Swei Jows. (I don’t know how to spell it so I made this spelling up) My dad went to Taiwan for his mission for the LDS church and had these almost everyday. They are like boiled potstickers, and have wraps filled with pork and cabbage and garlic and ginger. Oh yum! You dip them in soy sauce and then eat as many as possible. We always make at least 7 or 8 trays for my family. Even Rory likes them! It has become the “test” for boyfriends and now girlfriends. Heaven help anyone who dates one of my siblings who doesn’t like Asian food! They would be teased forever! So here we all are, except Jarom taking the picture, making swei jows in honor of Stephanie, his super cute and sweet new girlfriend who we all got to meet this past week when she came to visit. She is my cousin John’s wife’s sister. hehe. Got that straight?


  1. Oh i feel so special i made it onto you blog! :) I had SO much fun last week with you and your family! They’re the greatest! Hopefully i’ll get to spend more time with you all someday soon! :) I’ll be practicing my Rock Band skills! hahah

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