Sunset Beach

Last night we took a break from unpacking and cleaning and headed down to Sunset Beach where Rory’s sister Mandy and her kids were camping. (they’re in town for the week) It was really nice on the beach, a bit windy, but warm! The sand felt good to my little fat toesies. haha. After sitting at the beach for a bit, we headed up to their campsite for some tacos and later, some smore’s! oh yum. It was fun, and we didn’t smell that smoky when we got home, which is a plus. lol.

Me rubbing Rory’s scruff. He doesn’t “have time to shave” right now

Rory playing with the color settings on our camera. Pretty, no?

39 weeks! Yes I know I’m huge. Hope she comes soon!


  1. Sounds like a fun time! You look so cute…my belly is atleast as big as yours and I still have 4-5 weeks!

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