Some eye candy…

Finally got my fabric semi organized-and why not by color? It’s so pretty. Figured now is a good time because of the upcoming move. Enjoy the colorfulness. (is that a word?)

bluesy greens

pinkish reds

orangey crazy colors

this is fabric picked out for a project I’m working on…maybe with my cousin if she likes the idea. She’s coming out today from Utah with her little girl to visit, I am so excited, she’s super crafty and makes the cutest hats and booties. we’re gonna live it up-craft style!

Ahhhh. That was the sigh of relief to see that order of 44 onesies go out the door to the post office. Well, not by themselves of course, but you know.


  1. Yes life is crazy! And I think we need to make time for each other. I’m free this week, but don’t have a car to come see you. Well, we’ll work something out. Love all the fabric!

  2. Love all the fabric–what a great variety of designs and colors! Where do you buy it all?

  3. Jess…love the fabric…love the house progress, so happy about your big belly, super jelous about Jenni coming to visit, you guys are going to have so much fun! OKay to the point though…so are you as excited as I am about Jarom and Stephanie hitting it off so well? I don’t know what he’s like to be around right now, but I do know that Steph calls me all the time acting insanely giddy because she’s either just got a cute text from him, or finished talking to him….it’s so cute! And I’m really excited for you to meet her! Let me know what you think!

  4. LOL! You are so awesome. I love all the fabric! We should make a fun rag quilt for your baby!

  5. Beautiful fabric! I love the colors.


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