laundry is fun!

Being unable to help with a lot of the *hard* work on the house has given me time to think about how I want to decorate, etc. I think I have most of the rooms worked out in my head (again, lots of time), and here are some cute ideas I found for our laundry room. (which we haven’t touched at all)

loving the stripes here…it might be too much work though.

Love these cool wire shelves.

The colors are nice here, don’t know about the word WET though. haha


  1. I like the first one with the stripes, light blue stripes would be fun too and keep the light bright. I never thought of using a track light in the Laundry! That is one room we have not painted in our house yet and I am really thinking that I like the trak light Idea!!! I wonder if I could bribe Darren into doing that this winter for me! Winter seems to be when we get inside stuff done, NO SURFING Distractions then;)

  2. I so wish my laundry room looked like the first picture!


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