Best. Thrifting. Ever!

So I was perusing flickr to find ideas for my breakfast nook wall, and found this fun idea to hang plates on the wall… inspired me, so off I headed to our local Goodwill to scour the store for some plates. It’s not like I have a house to unpack or a baby to have soon! An hour later I left with a cartful of stuff. (and some plates haha) Here are some of my finds…I just couldn’t not share…I was seriously giddy when I left! hehe

Fun basket for $1….I’ll put something in it!

Art for the master room I think….$4

Awesome alphabet and pictures toy! Just needs some glue. $3

Cute little house candle holder and tealight…both $1 I think

Crate for baby’s toys…$5

Whole box of Lincoln Logs! (remember those? I loved them!) $4!

Assorted vintagey plates…about 50 cents to a dollar each. I love the brown polka dot one.

Oh! and what could be in this box?

Awesome wooden letters! $3

I also got a couple other things, a book, a cute top, and a wall cabinet…but they aren’t as cute. Anyways….That’s it!


  1. Looks like you found lots of fun treasures! I love thrift store shopping! It’s one of my favorite activities!

  2. Hooray for you! I am going to go to our goodwill in search of ties this week and for the next couple weeks. We are doing a service project with our young women in combo with my Sis in law to send 2000 ties to Peru for the Missionary’s who serve from there. The people live so meagerly that they give up everything to be able to send them. We would like to collect 100-200 ties. We have 2 wards in our building so hopefully it will happen:)

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I love me some wooden toys! Awesome finds :)

  4. Your thrifting posts make me wanna run out to the local shop and get creative. Woo hoo for you on your finds!

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