36 weeks and wood floors…strange combo

Today Rory, my Dad, Jarom, and Chris worked on the wood floors, they got soo much done! Most of the dining room and into the entryway and kitchen. It looks so purty. We can’t wait to see it all in.

We’re hoping to get the cabinets all figured out on Monday (there is some tweaking still) so that we can schedule our counter tops to be installed. After that, we can finish the wood floors and get the carpet installed anytime now. Then we can maybe start moving! hooray! We bought our appliances yesterday (also purty) and our washer dryer are coming to live at our house Monday, but we have to wait til July 26th to get our kitchen appliances. Soo…we may be living there for a little while with no kitchen appliances. That’s ok with me- no cooking! hehe.

Also big news this weekend, I am at 36 weeks and officially tired of being pregnant. (you can see it in my face.) But at least the end is in sight. Although PLEASE not too soon. I told the nurse at my doctor’s visit this week that I was probably the only pregnant woman who would be ok with going past her due date if it gave me more time to set up house. haha. Hopefully we’re done a little while before I get THAT desperate though. Anyways, we’re getting down to the homestretch in both our big projects, and I also have a HUGE order for my etsy store to fill in the next week or so. 44 onesies! I will be sewing my fingers off. Luckily I have time during the day while Rory is at work, so I should finish them in not too much time. Still, wish us luck in the next few weeks, we will need it! I personally think we are mildly insane.


  1. That is so awesome that the floors are almost in and that you have a large order from your itsy store! Hang in there your almost on Home plate!

  2. Hey Jessica! This is Heather (-Heather- from scrapbook.com). I’ve been {silently} checking your blog for a while now (I hope you don’t mind…) and thought I would finally comment. I’ve been loving all these pics of the home makeover! It’s nice that you have so much help and the house is looking great! How exciting for you guys! And you’re getting so close to meeting your sweet baby…I’m sure you’re ready to be done! I’m preggers right now, too, with my third, and due Sept. 3rd. We’re keeping the sex a surprise since we already have one of each. You’re having a girl, right? Do you have any names picked out? Well, I just wanted to say Hi and see how you’re doing. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime!


    Take care!

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