You gotta love Goodwill!

So after work today I didn’t feel like going straight home, so I decided to check out our local Goodwill. I like getting frames there for cheap, and canvases, and purses. I was poking around, and found this canvas:

I had seen it on Target’s website and kinda wanted it bad for our new living room, but it was going for around $70 so I couldn’t quite swallow that. I had found some similar material at my Joanns fabric, and was going to stretch that over a canvas. Anyways! It was brand new, still in the packaging, for $10!!! Yeah! I was so psyched, I grabbed it and walked down the aisle with a little grin on my face. I got a few more things for the house, some cute cups and a thingy I’m going to use for a napkin holder, but that was the big find! Anywho, just had to share my awesome find!


  1. Awesome find! That is such a pretty canvas!

  2. Good Job!!!

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