We heart camping…but not smoke

So, yesterday we went up to have dinner with part of my family up at Mt. Madonna, our local state park. It stayed light for pretty long, and it was really nice…til the sun went down. Everyone was there except Joanna, Janae, and Justin of course. We had Rory’s favorite camping meal, pigs-in-a-blanket-cooked-on-a-stick. (Yes that is the proper name.) Then we sat around talking politics, global warming and made up some silly stories. It was really fun, but Rory and I REEKED of smoke when we got home last night. hehe. Ally smelled our clothes for awhile, she was very curious. Here are some pics, because, posts are sometimes boring without pics.

Joshie wasn’t really falling…

I liked this candid my mom took of us. I don’t have many pics of the belly in action. (mine, again)

Chilling by the fire.

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