Starting to freak out…

So all of a sudden I realized that I have less than 9 weeks or so til this baby comes. BAM! (that was not Emeril or a bus, just reality) I guess it felt like this pregnancy would last forever, cause it went so slow at first, and I’ve waited so long for a baby. We don’t have a nursery, or anything set up yet for her. Oh, and the small fact that I have to give BIRTH soon!? ahhh! We are starting our birthing classes tonight. I’m sure that will totally calm my nerves. ha! yeah right. All I can say, is if they start playing a video, I am looking at the ceiling. I KNOW what happens…that doesn’t mean I want to see it up close and personal. Plus I’ve gotten to that point where it’s not that much fun anymore…well, it’s fun…ok, no it’s not. I’m tired of rolling out of bed three times a night to go to the bathroom, and sleeping on my side, and being called “preggo”, and I miss my waist, and the ability to bend over. And my feet, I miss them too. I miss eating raw cookie dough and turkey avocado sandwiches from Togo’s. I miss taking hot baths. But…it’s all worth it. I can’t wait to meet our baby girl and finally be a mama! So take my complaining with a grain of salt. I really am psyched to be pregnant. Mostly for the end result at this point. 😀


  1. Hehe. You’re so cute! I can’t believe you’re starting the birthing classes already! It has gone by so fast, well for me. But I didn’t have to do any work. Haha. So fun! I can’t wait for her to get here either. I’m just a touch, a small iota, less anxious than you to have her here!

  2. Jess,
    You have the right to have these feelings! You are at the trimester in which all Mom’s to be for the first time go through these types of panic thoughts, questions. You do have a bit to go still, enjoy!
    She will be so loved!

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