Signing our lives away….

That’s what we did this morning! Signed our lives away…took less time than I thought it would. haha. We were done signing all of the closing and loan documents within a half hour, went and got our cashier’s check, and were done within an hour. The agent said she had never had first time home buyers who didn’t ask any questions. We told her we had been well informed along the way. I mean, who goes into the last meeting with questions!? We just wanted to sign and get it over with so we could get our keys! We are supposed to get them on Thursday! Friday is my sister’s graduation, but Saturday we are planning on being down at the house, working away already! Time is a wastin’! Less than 2 months until the baby’s due. I told Rory I am going to make him finish her room first so I can set it up…I’ve been DYING to do that! lol. Anyways, we are super excited and can’t wait to move into our very own first house! The agent said it herself when she said,”Wow you have a lot going on for you!” (after she saw my big ol belly) Too true, too true. It’s so exciting though! We will keep you all posted, and of course, do some fun before and afters of the house. Should be good! 😀


  1. How exciting! Jason and I will have to come check it out sometime. :-)

  2. Oh man this is so exciting for you guys right now! Sorry I couldn’t make it to your shower. We moved the day before and my husband was able to help me move the big things that saturday b/c he wasn’t working. I felt way super bad I couldn’t be there. I hope you got my card. We’ll have to set up a time soon to me or I can even come down there. I so want to see you! and you’re house!!!

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