Cute Coasters

A quick crafty post, because I don’t have new pics of the house from recent days, tonight or tomorrow I will post on the progress! It really is zipping along. Last night I whipped up these cute quilted fabric coasters during an episode of friends.

They’re really easy, I used a square template that measured about 4 3/4 inches on each side (they end up being roughly about 4 inches square) and cut out a piece each of my two fabrics, and a piece of batting.

Then you sew it together with batting on backside of one the fabrics, and the two fabrics right side together.

Of course, leave a space for turning.

Turn right side out and press with iron, sew around the edges, and then in whatever pattern you want-I did a swirly type thing. Way fun and easy. It would make a great gift! These I’m keeping though. 😀


  1. Cool! Thanks much!

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