Crazy week

So I had this long ol blog post typed up, but I lost it. Sad huh? So here’s the watered down version of last week. We had our cousins from Utah out here still, so we were down in Gilroy trying to hang out as much as possible! Wednesday I went down for a girly day, and me, Joanna, Aunt Laura, and Courtenay shopped til we dropped. Almost literally for me. Then Joanna and I went to Panera Bread for some yummy dinner, and met up later to watch She’s The Man. Joanna and I can almost quote the whole movie…we’ve seen it about 7 times. hehe.

This is from Sunday, but it’s funny!

Thursday all the kids came up to play Rock Band! Our cat Ally was a little freaked out by all the commotion and people, but she got better as the night went on. We played some awesome songs, and some not so awesome songs…and then they took off.

Friday we went to Joanna, Jordan, and Janae’s last concert of the year, Pops Concert. They have a theme every year, and this year’s was Prepositions. (??) They didn’t know why either. They sang lots of fun songs and even did some dances. Pretty awesome. After the concert, we went on an ice cream run and then watched SNL skits until the wee hours of the morning. Gotta love SNL.

Sing sing sing!

Saturday we went down for the day to spend the last day with Courtenay… :-( The other cousins had left that morning, but she was taking the bus down to Disneyland Sunday to meet up with her family. (Lucky!) We had some yummy BBQ at Famous Dave’s and then split off to do some girly and boy shopping. The boys shopped for rims for Jarom’s car, and the girls went to Claire’s and Bath & Body Works. I got a cute mushroom tote, teal clutch, two necklaces and earrings for like $8 at Claire’s! Then we got some Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner, which was an adventure in itself. After dinner, the whole family played some fun games and then the older kids watched 50 First Dates. It was a super fun week, and we were glad they could stay as long as they did. It was so much fun getting to know Courtenay! (she married our cousin John) Courtenay, hope you have fun in Disneyland and ate all your pizza. Otherwise, you FAileD! haha.

Pizza time.

During all of this, Rory and I managed to sign away most of our life, and lifted the contingencies on the house. The bank said they want to close by this friday, but a lot still needs to happen to make that date. It would be awesome though. Cross your fingers!


  1. Wow you were busy! Sounds like you had a lot of fun though! Good times. :)

  2. What a fun weekend! I know the feeling of signing what feels like 100’s of pages of doc’s just to buy a stinkin’ house that you have to totally remodel to get how you want it! Let me tell you, IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!! you guys will love having a place to call your own! How super exciting for you!

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