Congrats Jobo!

My little sister is graduated from High School! Wow, I feel a bit old. That means it’s been six years since I graduated. I know it’s not THAT old, but funny anyways. Sorry Jo, but your graduation took FOREVER. We got there at 5:30 and finally left at about 8:30. wow. At least the weather cooperated. Too much in fact, it was kinda cold! There was a fire over the mountains too, so that’s why the sky looks so weird in the photos. The smoke helped shade us though. By the time we got there, there were NO seats, but luckily this nice lady saw my belly and offered us some seats. Thank you belly! I love this thing! lol. Here are some pics so you can see how the sky looked, and see my awesome sis Joanna.

She’s in there somewhere!

This was supposed to be a nice pic of my dad and Joanna. Thanks Jarom! (also the sky looks nasty, huh?)

Some of the fam cheesing it up!

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