So we got a call today from our agent saying that closing on our house is going to be delayed until Monday because of some little holdup with the bank. Grrrr. This really throws a wrench in our plans, but oh well. Gotta roll with the punches. Although I feel like punching back right now! We were planning on working on the house this Saturday, so that’s wasted time basically. We’re frustrated! We are planning on working weeknights, but I’m still freaking out cause we only have limited Saturdays before my due date. 8 to be exact, although this one doesn’t count now. So, 7, and we have to move as well on top of all the work! agh! This pregnant woman is stressing out. I should practice my breathing techniques. harhar.


  1. So sorry, don’t stress to much or you may have less Saturday’s and we do not want that! I think, just from past experiences that all will work out in the end:) Take this Saturday and enjoy something that you love!!!!

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