34 weeks

Also, not to get post happy or anything, but here is my 34 week pic. Only 6 weeks to go, and I still love being pregnant! (NOT) haha. My feet and hands swell up now, and I quit wearing my wedding ring a week ago. Sad day! Getting up 4 times a night to use the restroom is super fun too. Rolling over in bed is another story altogether! haha. I just can’t wait til she’s finally here. 😀

This is my “I’m sick of taking pictures sideways” face


  1. I know it is getting hard, hang in there girl! Put those toes up when you are sitting it does help the swelling. I use to fill the bath up enough that I could put my feet in the cool water:)

  2. Oh, and you may not believe me. But you are beautiful! I am sure Rory tells you that too.

  3. What happened?! I just saw you a week ago! It’s crazy how fast you grow toward the end! It looks like you guys are making a lot of progress on the house. Maybe you can try to find some time to come up here? We’ll see how crazy things get.

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