Pregger clothes and crazy mornings

Since the heat wave is coming to the bay area, I decided to get some new pregger tshirts. I’ve found out that I prefer tshirts to the empire waist type maternity shirts. So I just buy regular shirts in large sizes. They’re so comfy! I love tshirts. It’s already so warm today, it’s supposed to hit 100 degrees later this week. Gag. This should be a fun summer, haha. I don’t think “our” house has AC, so I will have to get a swamp cooler or ice bin to sit in. Anyways…this morning was crazy for me! I got up, did two loads of laundry, cleaned up our living space, then saw that I had some orders to get ready for my etsy store, got those orders ready, prepared one custom order, folded the two loads of laundry, wrangled my cat out of a plastic bag, then a box, vaccumed up all the crap that falls on the floor while sewing, (mostly thread) lost said custom order, hunted through the garbage I took out previously, found it UPSTAIRS in the garbage can, (don’t worry, it was in a bag) and somewhere in there I also ate breakfast, lunch, and took a shower. Phew! Then, I debated running to the post office, and decided to sit in my chair until it was time to go to work. haha. That was a quick peek into my morning, whether you like it or not! haha.


  1. You think you had a crazy morning…try carrying a sleeping toddler, 2 shoulder bags full of crap, the days mail, a gallon of milk, a closet organizer and a bag of groceries across a parking lot and up a flight of stairs. I think my hand went numb again just thinking about it. haha!

  2. You go girl:)

  3. Just wait until you are in your house. My craft room is a classified disaster area. Amelia helps me by not helping…but it keeps her occupied

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