Pile o’ baby stuff

I just had to post this picture of all the baby stuff I’ve collected. haha. It’s just sitting in a sad pile under our window waiting for a room to be put in! We do have furniture too, it’s out in the garage gathering dust. A lot of these bags contain….. baby clothes. DUH! What can I say…I am a sucker for cute baby clothes…at least a lot of them were on clearance. And there are a lot from Cassy. Alright, just one and a half bags. My brother got the baby the funniest onesie from San Francisco, it’s an Alcatraz prison striped onesie and it says Reject: TOO CUTE. hehe. Rory said he’s gonna put her in that every time he dresses her. Guess I will have to limit how much he does that…hehe. Speaking of places to put this stuff, the title company FINALLY appraised the house, and we’re lifting our contingencies tomorrow or the day after. Then we just have to get the loan stuff done, and it’s up to them how quickly it could go through. Our realtor said it could be as soon as 8 business days, or up to 14. I hope it’s closer to 8! So, good news anyways. We are just so anxious to start working on the house, and get moved before the baby comes…and before I am way too huge to do anything. Wish us luck…

baby stuff….


  1. Funny thing is that you’ll still need more before she gets here. And you’ll probably get a few more things she doesn’t need, but are too cute to pass up. This is why babies are expensive! So fun!

  2. hey! I just finally went on sb.com after forever and saw your cute prego pic! Congratulations!! Girls are the best. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is wonderful!

  3. Aww, I know just how you feel about baby clothes. That is why I stay away from the baby section. I would buy all the cute stuff thats on sale for future showers. I have this problem, when I put the stuff away, I tend to forget where I put them:(

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