Monterey-this time it was sunny!

We went to Monterey a few months ago and the weather was awful! I posted about it here. Our awesome Lance and Pettit cousins are in town for a little bit, so we headed down again, but the weather was soo much nicer. People actually got sunburned! whoa. I think I can explain it in the pictures, and this is a picture heavy post-so look out! There was just so many good pics, I couldn’t help it. hehe.

Rory off playing mountain goat.

aww pretty pic!

Jarom and his sidekick.

cute little seals playing. They were kissing, we swear we saw it!

Jarom doing his seal impression. Pretty good eh?

The belly in action. (mine) hehe.

We couldn’t stop laughing…this lady was dragging her poor cat around the beach on a leash. hehe!

Crazy people…

on the glass bottomed boat ride…from left: Rory, Uncle Shawn, Courtenay, Jarom, Logan, and Anne, his fiance.

Also on the ride: from left: My invisible Grandpa, Grandma Lance, Aunt Laura, Uncles Matt and Scott, Janae and Joanna.

the birds had commandeered this boat.

The sea lions (seals?) were so cute, but smelly.

This one was posing for us…

…and this one got jealous…

Courtenay came up with the idea to see how many people could fit in this phone booth…they fit 8 people! Jarom, Jordan, Janae, Courtenay, Anne, Lance, Joanna, and Rory all got in there. haha.

someone’s squishing Joanna…

Squeeze in there!

Can you see Jordan stuck down at the bottom? lol


  1. So I thought we were being original by going to Monterey during the weekend break…I checked all my friends blogs today and found out 8 other people were doing the same thing! So much for originality I guess. Looks like you all had a ton of fun. They should’ve stuffed you in the phone booth. It would’ve been like a 2 for 1 deal in your count of how many you could fit in there :)

  2. You guys had way too much fun with that phone booth. It does make for a good photo-op though!

  3. I love Monterey! Darren and I spent a few days there for our Honeymoon. We always took a trip back whenever we had a chance when we lived in SJ. I love the pics:)

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