Easy peasy crafts

I have this humungo list of sewing and craft projects I want to try, so I decided to tackle a few this weekend. I made this cute and easy dishtowel apron from a tutorial I found here. It was tricky to get the gathers sewn right at the top, but other than that it only took like 15 minutes. I also have some dishtowels waiting to be messed with, but I don’t know how my kitchen will be decorated yet, so they’re in limbo right now. haha. Last night while watching 2 or 3 Monk episodes, (awesome show, if you haven’t seen it) I embroidered this cute little birdie from a pattern I found here. I’m thinking I will either frame it for the babies room or something. I didn’t realize until I was done that it kinda blended in with the fabric, but oh well. Crafting is all about learning from your mistakes I think. Anyways, here are some pics….I OBVIOUSLY missed my calling as a model by the way.

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  1. You rock! So when in your morning do you find time to internet surf for all these fun crafts? Love the birdie!! So tweet. We will have to make some fun clippies when I come a-visiting.

  2. I like that fabric it is very Apron like! Good job.

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