30 weeks…

so here is my 30 week pic, me in all my tired and humongous glory. I’m really not tired of being pregnant yet, I’m just really tired. lol. I love feeling her move in there, and move she does! Mostly when I’m trying to fall asleep. She has really bad timing already! haha. It’s gotten to the point where bending over to pick something up is a hassle too. Rory laughs every time he hugs me cause the belly gets in the way. But hello-I have a 3 pound baby in there somewhere! Thank you very much. Only 10 or so weeks to go. It seems like the 2nd trimester was gone in a flash. Well, my cousins are here from Utah this weekend, and we’re supposed to go see Indiana Jones, so I’m gonna go see what’s going on with that. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!

At least I don’t FEEL as big as I look. haha.


  1. Jealous…I’m totally jealous. Oh to be pregnant! But of course I will be at your shower. Shoot…I haven’t RSVP’d yet…I’ll do it. Promise. And I will be there FO SHO! I’m so excited! I just go to the JoAnn’s store in Daly city to get my fabric and stuff. Sometimes I go to the discount places here in the city, but it’s a hassle b/c of the driving/parking. Daly city has parking lots…for FREE! It’s a simple pleasure….

  2. You look Marvelous darling! So sorry about how hard it is to feel rested now. I think may be it is part of the prep. for what is to come. All I can tell you is that when your children get to be about 9 as long as they are healthy you will get to sleep more during the 3 months of summer. That is of course when they are not having sleepovers:)

  3. You have a belly! Yeah! A real belly! I love it! Now if only she would kick when I’m there to feel her! 😛

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