28 weeks later….

28 weeks later….and this is what you get. lol. I feel pretty good actually. No back or pelvic pain yet. I found out this week that I am anemic, which is pretty common in pregnant women, so I just have to take iron supplements…not too bad. It probably is the reason I get so tired so easily though. Oh well! At least there is a reason. Rory thought I was just lazy. haha. Anyways, about 12 weeks (or so) to go…


  1. You look fantastic! I am sorry that you have to take Iron. I hope it does’nt make your stomach upset. I think that sometimes our body knows we need extra sleep while we are prego to make up for all the sleepless nights after:)

  2. Your belly is coming in so nicely! And you look really happy to have it!!

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