Just call me the Bag Lady

Since the sewing bug caught me, I’ve wanted to learn how to make bags, clothes, and otherwise useful items. So last night I made a trip to Joann’s (second of the week, I swear I might as well work there) and picked up some zippers etc… I found some easy patterns, and whipped up these two bags. They really didn’t take much time, and it was so fun! The zipper bag took like 1/2 hour, and hey-zippers aren’t that hard when they’re not in a dress or skirt. That’s where I’ve had trouble with them before. The green bag took longer, maybe 2 hours, luckily I had some fabric that went well together, or I would have been making ANOTHER trip to Joann’s…I am obsessed, what can I say? hehe. I think I might shorten the strap a little, it might look better. The great thing is, I got the fabric from the remnant pile, so total the fabric cost me like $5. No joke! Here are some pics!

Zippy little bag

matching lining

Outside of green bag


the cute lining of the green bag. yeah it even has a pocket!


  1. I like the green bag it is super cute. The zippy bag would make a wonderful makeup bag very cute! You would love this fabric store in Tennessee. It is a discount fabric store very close to the Alabama border. They carry a lot of upolstery fabrics still on the bold and remnants. If I remember the name of it I will right it down:)

  2. Found a cute baby shoe pattern that is SUPER easy to make. I made some in about an hour. Check it out at http://www.stardustshoes.blogspot.com

  3. PS: you have to click on the cloth baby shoes tutorial on the right hand side of the screen….

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